Who are you and where do these photographs come from? I’m Nick Osborn, a collector based in the great Midwestern city of Chicago.

Square America is the result of over 20 years of scouring flea markets, antique stores, estate sales and eBay for any photograph that might catch my eye. I own physical copies (whether prints, slides or negatives) of all of the photos presented on the site.  The bulk of my collection deals with American life in the 20th century.  The original Square America site ran from 2005 through 2011- this site will eventually house everything that was on that site plus everything I’ve gotten since then.

Are the photos on your site for sale? No!

Can I have a high res scan of a particular photo? Short answer- No! Longer answer- I lost a good chunk of my high res images in a hard drive crash and don’t have the time or energy to rescan everything. Plus, as I’m not the copyright holder of any of the images I’m reluctant to send out scans that may be used in a commercial context.

That’s my photo- please take it down! If you believe you’re the copyright holder of any photograph on the site please contact me at squareamerica@gmail.com.