Black History Month Part 3: Photo Booth Photos

I’m closing out Black History Month with a third gallery- This one containing 100 photo booth pics from my collection. See them all here.

p.s. Hopefully I’ll be posting a few more galleries of African-American photos from my collection in the next week or two- I’ll have at least two galleries of snapshots and a third of miscellaneous tintypes, studio portraits, and other random stuff that I don’t have enough of to warrant specialized galleries.

High Plains Drifter: The Photographs of G.R.M.

Last summer I picked up a large lot of postcard sized glass negatives, many damaged, at an antiques market in Wisconsin. There were about 120 in all and they all appear to be the work of the same photographer who initialed some of the photos G.R.M. ¬†Given the size and subject matter of the photos my guess is he was a professional (or at least semi-professional) photographer specializing in postcard photographs in and around South Dakota. I think this lot was a mix of his professional work and personal photographs. I’ve scanned about 50 for your viewing pleasure- see them all here.