Darkness Visible

A small selection of Ferrotype mini-postcards (they measure 3.5″ x 2 .5″ each) taken by a farming family circa 1910. The Ferrotype process used a single chemical solution to develop the photos but the lack of separate toner and fixer is very evident as almost all of the ferrotypes I’ve seen have faded badly. Of course weirdos like me like stuff like this so here’s 25 of them for your viewing pleasure.

Names on the Land

In honor of National Poetry Month (and the possibility that we might actually be able to travel this summer) I bring you the travel diary of a young man who took a road trip from Ohio down to the Grand Canyon and then up through California to the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1928. While there is a fair amount of description, the poetry comes from the long lists of place names he provides- this was pre-interstate so making your way across the country usually meant driving straight through towns rather than bypassing them on via a highway. This will probably be tl:dr for most but for the few who might enjoy such a thing I’ve scanned it in it’s entirety. Click here to see it all!

They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

It’s 1933- the Depression grips the country but in the dancehalls south of Boston are filled with music and dancing. Marathon dancing. For your viewing pleasure: a small album documenting some of the dancers who competed in some Massachusetts walkathons in 1933/34. Most interesting (to me anyway) were the handbills that I found tucked inside which I’ve scanned for your viewing pleasure. I’ve amended it with a few other dance marathon photos from my collection. Enjoy.